The process of filing a claim for losses or injuries you have incurred or defending against a lawsuit you have become involved in can become very stressful so it is  important to have a lawyer you can look to for advice on your options.  You must be confident that your lawyer will provide you the advice and representation that you deserve, whether it is handling the matter in house or finding representation from an attorney which has extensive experience in cases similar to what you are going through. We can also determine if there is insurance that may cover your claim or loss or if there is coverage for attorneys fees and indemnity.  With The Kirkpatrick Legal Group you can rest assured knowing that you have a team on your side with years of experience.

Some cases that we can help you with include:

-Personal Injury                    -Product Liability

-Automobile                          -Wrongful Terminiation

-Motorcycle                           -Property Damage

-Medical Malpractice          -Insurance Coverage and Defense

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